Rina Burger Bites

Rina Burger Bites
  • Servings : 3 people
  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
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Step 1: In a large pan, using 6 tablespoons of Rina sunflower oil, place each meat ball and flatten using your fingers or spatula,panfry each side until browned, set aside
Step 2: Using a rolling pin, roll out your bread slices flat, cut the crust off and discard, place one or two burger patty in the center and 2 mini cheese slices.
Step 3: Mix the paprika and flour together and using an 1/8 cup of water mix a thick glue like consistency.
Step 4: Apply on the edges of the bread surrounding the patty and cheese.
Step 5: Cover with another slice of flattened de-crusted bread. Push lightly the edges ensuring they're sealed.
Step 6: Whisk your eggs on a plate and breadcrumbs on another, dunk your square sandwhich like bread into the egg on each side and into the bread crumbs do this twice for each bread.
Step 7: Once done, heat your Rina vegetable oil to 180 degrees centigrade and drop the bread crumbed burger bite into the hot oil and allow to deep fry.
Step 8: Once golden, take out and serve.