Pishi Professionals

PISHI Professionals’  showcases signature dishes from restaurants around Nairobi, highlighting professional cooking from established eateries. Your Signature Dish, along with a link to your website and restaurant location, will be permanently featured. Visitors will be able to search for your restaurant or dish to access the video and related content.

Why PISHI Professionals ?

An interview with the owner or Head Chef to understand the restaurants food philosophy, clientele and inspiration behind the signature dishes.

A series of 5 to 10 images of the interviewee, ingredients and preparation method to be featured with the article and recipe instructions.

A series of 3 two minute videos of the Signature Dish showcasing behind the scenes, the preparation method (how to prepare, when/how it’s consumed, etc.) to coincide with the interview and photography.


Signature Dishes

Tandoori Chicken – Bukhara by Haandi

Tandoori Chicken – Bukhara by Haandi

Tandoori Chicken – Bukhara by Haandi

Serves (1)