Pairing whisky with a three course dinner

Pairing whisky with a three course dinner

There are evenings when the conversations, the food and drinks blend into one magical whole. Food can be quite unpredictable, but good food often inspires cheer in a rather dull evening.

For fine diners, nothing beats the combo of a delicately prepared meal and perfectly maturated Scotch whisky. If you are talking about a single malt whisky that has sat in the cellar for 12, 15 or 18 years under the fine Scottish weather, then you are courting a memorable dining experience.

So, what makes the food and whisky pairing a remarkable dining experience? And what does it take to get the perfect food-whisky combination?

The beauty of whisky and food pairing is that you get to drink at every level, from the starter to the main course all the way to the dessert. This way, diners get to enjoy a drink, food and company all at the same time.

To warm up for the stylish dinner experience, we had an amuse bouche featuring a roasted cauliflower veloute cream soup and crispy pistachio biscotti. For a starter, we had a salmon pan-seared sashimi, with black sesame, green apple sticks and orange-mint honey emulsion. These went with roasted hazelnut dust and microgreens. The starter was paired with the Singleton 12-year-old.