Pishi home chef ; Carribean-Style Burger

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Ingredients Large mixing bowl 500g Lean Meat (preferably ground pork & beef) Diced pineapples Olive oil Cheese Butter 2-3 Eggs Onion Charlottes Parsley/ Dhania Burger buns Lettuce Tomatoes Cucumber Spices: Black pepper Salt Cumin Paprika Light/Dark Soy Sauce

Step by Step method

    Step 1 : Preparation
    Preheat Pan and leave on medium heat

    Dice the Onions into fine cubes, chop the parsley and set in a separate bowl

    Step 2 : mixing
    Mix the ground beef and pork in a large bowl . Dice the Onions and add to the mix. (Trick: Use wet hands to mix)
    Add parsley to mix .
    Beat eggs and whisk lightly then add to the mixture . Add a tablespoon of soy sauce to the mix .
    Gently form patties using a cookie cutter or you can opt for the traditional way; use your palm to form a ball with mix then lightly press to even out
    You could leave in the refrigarator overnight so the patties dont fall apart but if your craving can’t wait then ....

    Step 3: Cooking
    Lightly brush the butter and add a tablespoon of olive oil into the already preheated pan and add the formed patties

    Let the patties cook for about 4-5min on each side

    Add The sliced cheese on top of the pattie and use a lid to cover to allow the cheese to melt and cover the pattie( fast trick; you can microwave them)

    Step 4: presentation
    Cut the buns horizontally into two and smear mayonnaise on each -
    Push the cheesed patties to the edge of the pan and add the buns to crisp as this allows you not to have soggy buns.
    Once the burger is done add the pineapples into the pan and charr for 2-3min on each side
    Remove from heat and get ready to have a foodgasm. 👅

    Time to serve
    Gently pick lettuce petals and add to the buns as the layer on which the burger will sit on.
    Add the chopped tomatoes .
    Add diced Cucumber
    Add the burger patty and drizzle mayo or mustard
    Layer up to your liking

    Serve with your prefered drink and enjoy.

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