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PISHI  A 360 degree meal solution portal


The nature of sustenance in our daily lives should not only survive, but also thrive. We provide you with the essentials on learning how to cook or preparing meals you are unfamiliar with. Search for recipes you’ve always wanted to make. A written step by step process is provided for you accompanied with a demonstrational video. A list of ingredients is included as well as the preparation time and a quantified serving.


You can order the ingredients for each recipe online, in your preferred quantity, to prepare at home. Alternatively, there are experts that can send a prepared meal your way. This means you can order the meals listed in our recipes, already prepared! Keep up with our Special Offers page to learn of restaurant offers and discounts, for free items every day of the week!


Grow, Share and Enjoy with PISHI. A diverse range of food products are available to you.  You can access them in one simple method: LEARN, ORDER, DINE!


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Write to us at food@pishi.co.ke 

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